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Do you have vaccine Varilix? Czy jest szczepionka Varilix?

Good evening! Do you have Vaccine Varilrix?

Powiadamiaj o każdej nowej odpowiedzi


Nie będą wysyłane inne maile. Polityka Prywatności.

Zgodnie z informacją uzyskaną od producenta szczepionki Varilrix, lek ma się pojawić dopiero w kwietniu 2020 r.

Hi, thank you for your question.

Our website has a search engine that lets you check in which pharmacies in Poland you can buy the product you are looking for - we do not sell medicines directly. Here is a link that lets you check the availability of Varilix in Poland:
As you can see, not many pharmacies have the vaccine in stock right now. By clicking the button "reserve" next to the name of the chosen pharmacy, you can ask the pharmacy to save the product for you. The reservation is usally valid until the end of the next day.

The availability of Varilrix in Poland is currently not very high. This is due to the fact that the last delivery to pharmacies took place at the end of January. The clincs which do the vaccinations should also have some of the vaccine on hand - you can ask about this at your nearest vaccination point.

If you are interested in any updates about the future deliveries of Varilix, go to the product page (but change your language to Polish):
and enter your e-mail in the box "Powiadamiaj mnie o każdej nowej wiadomości dotyczącej Varilrix". This way, if any new information about the vaccine comes up, you will get an e-mail notification. Like I mentioned, this function is only available in Polish.

Varilix is a vaccine against chickenpox, which is used in children over 9 months of age and adults. It can also be used to prevent shingles. On our website, you can find articles about this product, about the disease it prevents and vaccinations in general. Follow the links below for more information:

The articles are in Polish, so if you need anything explained, do not hesitate to ask us.