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Preparations for hyperhidrosis - deodorants, antiperspirants, blockers, tablets

Preparations to prevent excessive sweating are a mandatory element of every beautician. In addition to the commonly used antiperspirants and deodorants, we also distinguish preparations in the form of creams, shower gels, wet wipes and even dietary supplements in the form of tablets. Some herbs, such as sage or nettle, can also help you fight hyperhidrosis.


Zielnik Apteczny szałwia fix

List, 30 bags 1,2 gramsa

in 75% pharmacies

from 5.79 zł

Alantan zasypka

powder, 100 grams

in 86% pharmacies

from 9.31 zł

from 39.90 zł

Talk kosmetyczny bezzapachowy Ziołolek

powder, 100 grams

in 74% pharmacies

from 6.99 zł

Undofen Aktywny spray do stóp i obuwia 4 w 1

aerosol, 150 milliliters

in 86% pharmacies

from 15.44 zł

from 38.99 zł

Perspirex (Etiaxil) Strong antyperspirant roll-on

liquid, 20 milliliters

in 70% pharmacies

from 21.98 zł

Vichy Stress Resist antyperspirant 72h

liquid, 50 milliliters

in 38% pharmacies

from 35.99 zł


liquid, 50 milliliters

in 82% pharmacies

from 11.90 zł

Medispirant antyperspirant roll-on

liquid, 50 milliliters

in 75% pharmacies

from 19.49 zł

Perspirex (Etiaxil) Original antyperspirant roll-on

liquid, 20 milliliters

in 65% pharmacies

from 24.99 zł

Perspiblock Forte

Tablets, 30 pills

in 71% pharmacies

from 15.52 zł


suspension, 60 g tuba laminatowa

in 65% pharmacies

from 12.99 zł

Alantan zasypka

powder, 50 grams

in 42% pharmacies

from 6.19 zł

Vichy Homme antyperspirant w kulce 72h

liquid, 50 milliliters

in 38% pharmacies

from 38.99 zł

Perspirex (Etiaxil) Comfort antyperspirant roll-on

liquid, 20 milliliters

in 63% pharmacies

from 21.98 zł

Vichy antyperspirant roll-on 48h dla skóry wrażliwej

liquid, 50 milliliters

in 38% pharmacies

from 34.99 zł

Medispirant bloker w sprayu

aerosol, 75 milliliters

in 62% pharmacies

from 19.45 zł

Ziaja bloker antyperspirant

liquid, 60 milliliters

in 51% pharmacies

from 7.59 zł

Vichy Clinical Control Antyperspirant roll-on 96h

Tack, 50 milliliters

in 26% pharmacies

from 35.99 zł

Medispirant żel pod prysznic

gel, 180 milliliters

in 67% pharmacies

from 12.45 zł

from 34.98 zł

Dermedic Antipersp R roll-on

liquid, 60 milliliters

in 32% pharmacies

from 21.99 zł

Super Deo

Tack, 50 grams

in 53% pharmacies

from 12.90 zł

Acerin Komfort dezodorant do obuwia i stóp

aerosol, 150 milliliters

in 40% pharmacies

from 13.80 zł

from 34.90 zł

Undofen aktywny spray do stóp i obuwia 48 h

aerosol, 150 milliliters

in 45% pharmacies

from 12.00 zł

Medispirant antyperspirant żel do stóp i dłoni

gel, 50 milliliters

in 57% pharmacies

from 12.90 zł

Medispirant mineralny roll-on

liquid, 40 milliliters

in 35% pharmacies

from 17.49 zł

Anida Medisoft Woman anti-perspirant roll-on

liquid, 50 milliliters

in 12% pharmacies

from 6.64 zł

Acerin Forte antyperspirant

aerosol, 100 milliliters

in 34% pharmacies

from 11.33 zł

Scholl Fresh Step dezodorant do butów

aerosol, 150 milliliters

in 10% pharmacies

from 14.90 zł

Vichy Homme 48h Antyperspirant przeciw plamom

Tack, 50 milliliters

in 26% pharmacies

from 34.90 zł

Iwostin Deocare Sensitive

liquid, 50 milliliters

in 20% pharmacies

from 22.36 zł


cream, 30 milliliters

in 22% pharmacies

from 25.90 zł

Medispirant stepspray (Dezorol)

liquid, 100 grams polipropylen-polietylen

in 19% pharmacies

from 7.80 zł

Ziaja Soft antyperspirant w kremie

cream, 60 milliliters

in 24% pharmacies

from 7.50 zł

Vichy Tolerance Optimale dezodorant mineralny 48h

liquid, 50 milliliters

in 21% pharmacies

from 33.99 zł

Ziaja antyperspirant ochrona przeciwbakteryjna

liquid, 60 milliliters

in 18% pharmacies

from 6.99 zł

Bioliq Dermo antyperspirant 48h

liquid, 50 milliliters

in 20% pharmacies

from 15.50 zł

Ziaja oliwkowy dezodorant bez soli i glinu

liquid, 60 milliliters

in 19% pharmacies

from 7.90 zł

SVR SPIRIAL Roll-On Antyperspirant w kulce

liquid, 50 milliliters

in 8% pharmacies

from 32.99 zł

Pharmaceris A Hypersensitive Mineral-Biotic dezodorant

liquid, 50 milliliters

in 32% pharmacies

from 22.99 zł

Pedipur S

powder, 60 grams

in 34% pharmacies

from 12.99 zł

Anida Medisoft Men antyperspirant roll-on

liquid, 50 milliliters

in 9% pharmacies

from 6.49 zł

from 35.99 zł


Tablets, 60 pills

in 33% pharmacies

from 21.35 zł

Ziaja Activ antyperspirant w kremie

cream, 60 milliliters

in 23% pharmacies

from 6.99 zł


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