Vegan preparations for menopause

Vegan dietary supplements have also been used to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Menopause is an inevitable process that affects every woman when the functions of the ovaries slowly disappear. This is accompanied by characteristic symptoms, such as hot flashes, mood swings or weight gain. Many preparations that alleviate these ailments are plant products suitable for vegans.

Solgar chlorowodorek glukozaminy

Tablets, 60 pills

in 13% pharmacies

from 99.90 zł

Solgar botaniczny kompleks dla kobiet

Capsules, 30 capsules

in 8% pharmacies

from 99.99 zł

Solgar izoflawony sojowe

Tablets, 30 pills

in 8% pharmacies

from 74.99 zł

Home Check Menopauza Test

test, 2 units

in 5% pharmacies

from 13.66 zł

Yango Czerwona koniczyna ekstrakt

Capsules, 90 capsules

in 1% pharmacies

Solgar ultimate bone support

Tablets, 120 pills

in 1% pharmacies

from 109.98 zł

Dong Quai

Capsules, 60 capsules

in 1% pharmacies

from 30.36 zł

Fushi Wild Yam dziki pochrzyn BIO

Capsules, 60 capsules

in 0% pharmacies

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