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Jarek (Anonymous, 37.47.247.) Warszawa 12 months ago

How long does Duitam take to take effect?

Dzięn good. After what time Duitam begins to work, i.e. after what time you can expect an improvement in micturition.

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Klaudia Ćwiąkała Pharmacist, Editor

11 months ago

To @Jarek: According to the information contained in the characteristics of Duitam, this drug causes a decrease in the average concentration of PSA antigen in serum by about 50% after 6 months of treatment. After the end of treatment, PSA levels return to baseline (within 6 months).

Jarek (Anonymous, 188.147.100.) 11 months ago

Thank you for your answer, please info whether Duitam has an effect on the level of PSA, or whether taking this drug can artificially lower the level of PSA, or whether the possible decrease in PSA can be attributed not to an artificial decrease and a reduction in the size of the prostate after using this drug and, consequently, a decrease in PSA

Olga Sierpniowska Pharmacist, Editor

12 months ago

Duitam is a combined drug - it consists of two active compounds: tamsulosin and dutasteride. Both work together to reduce the size of an overgrown prostate and reduce discomfort associated with problems in urination. The mechanism of action of dutasteride means that the results should be observable after about a month, but the full effect can be assessed after 6-12 months of treatment. Tamsulosin works differently and generally a bit faster - relief may be felt after a few days, but in general the assessment of the effect can be made after a period of 2-6 weeks. In general, the effect of Duitam will not be felt immediately, but the speed and magnitude of the perceived improvement may depend on individual factors. If you have doubts whether the treatment is going well or you do not feel any improvement despite the passage of time of therapy, it is worth talking about it with your urologist. I enclose additional information about Duitam - prescription preparations can be reserved at GdziePoLek and collected stationary upon presentation of the prescription: https://www.gdziepolek.pl/produkty/104631/duitam-kapsulki/apteki/w-warszawie You may also be interested in our study: https://www.gdziepolek.pl/artykuly/jak-wyleczyc-chora-prostate

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