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Ania  (Anonymous, 31.0.57.) Warszawa 7 months ago

Should you buy Rybelsus 7mg if one pack of Rybelsus 3mg weight has not budged?

Hello, I suffer from hasimoto disease with symptoms of hypothyroidism, I struggle with obesity I started taking the drug rybelsus 3 mg but after one package the weight did not move. I started to take another package, drink a lot of water( a day approx. 2-3 liters) plus coffee, tea. I go on a diet of 1600 kcal from a nutritionist. Should I buy another dose of 7 mg or again the 3 mg dose?

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Anna Lewandowska Pharmacist, Editor

7 months ago

Rybelsus is currently not authorised for the treatment of obesity. Weight loss while using Rybelsus is an individual matter, not every patient will see the effects after the first week of use. At the same time, please be aware that the use of a restrictive diet while using the drug is not recommended. It is not possible to maintain it in the long run. Eventually, the patient returns to his eating habits and is then exposed to the yo-yo effect. If after one package of 3 mg Ribelsus weight has not changed, I do not recommend increasing the dose on your own. Increasing the dose may be associated with the risk of side effects and can be dangerous, especially without consulting a doctor. If you do not have the possibility of a stationary visit, I encourage you to use teleadvice, e.g. via the Gdziepolek.pl portal: https://www.gdziepolek.pl/telekonsultacja The GdziePoLek.pl service also allows you to book Rybelsus in a selected stationary pharmacy and pick up after presenting a prescription: https://www.gdziepolek.pl/produkty/111644/rybelsus-tabletki/apteki You can read more about modern diabetes drugs such as Rybelsus in the text: https://www.gdziepolek.pl/blog/nowe-leki-na-otylosc-i-cukrzyce-jak-nie-dac-sie-oszukac

KateGe1 (Anonymous, 89.231.40.) 3 months ago

My weight started to drop only when I went to 14 mg, so after about a month and a half.

Ania  (Anonymous, 31.0.57.) 7 months ago

Does it make sense to use this drug at all with hasimoto? Or maybe you know another more effective replacement for hasimoto with symptoms of hypothyroidism?

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