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asia (Anonymous, 178.37.132.) Warszawa 3 months ago

Can a scratchy throat occur after taking Acarizax?

My son has had his first dose of the drug. It talks about a feeling of scratching in the throat, is it a normal symptom and will it go away after a few doses, should you consult your doctor?

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Ewa Pilch Pharmacist, Editor

3 months ago

The name of the drug was not included in the question. If you have a question about the Acarizax product marked in the tags, please read on.

Acarizax is a preparation that improves immune tolerance to dust mites. The first effects are visible after about 8-14 weeks from the use of the preparation. The first dose should be given in the presence of a doctor and then the patient should remain under the observation of a healthcare professional for at least half an hour. Taking this precaution makes it possible to assess the patient's individual sensitivity to treatment and discuss possible side effects with the doctor - such as reported scratchy throat.

I am attaching a link that allows you to check the availability of Acarizax and make a reservation at the pharmacy of your choice:


The side effects of the preparation include, m.in, a feeling of throat irritation. If it persists or intensifies, I encourage you to consult your doctor again. I also encourage you to report the occurrence of adverse drug reactions. Reporting side effects allows you to increase control over the medicines available on the market. We wrote more about how and why to report side effects in the article:


If it is not possible to visit the site, I encourage you to take advantage of the teleconsultation, e.g. via the Gdziepolek.pl portal:


Until you consult a doctor, you can use preparations that soothe scratchy throat, available in the offer of online or stationary pharmacies. Choosing the offer of an online pharmacy allows you to compare prices and order the preparation with home delivery or personal collection at the pharmacy. Scratchy throat is relieved by m.in:





Gardvit A+E:


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