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Martyna (Anonymous, 31.61.177.) Polska 2 months ago

Is Vitamin C Long Effect Forte 1000mg released only in the intestine?

Is this form of vitamin C released gradually in the stomach or already in the intestine? Is it indicated for people with atrophic gastric mucosa?

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Angelika Talar-Śpionek Pharmacist, Editor

2 months ago

Vitamin C Long Effect Forte 1000mg Dr.Max is only released in the intestine. It can be used in people with atrophied gastric mucosa.

You can check availability and make a reservation here:


I've attached a link to a helpful post:


Martyna (Anonymous, 31.61.177.) 2 months ago

Vitamin C Long Effect Forte 1000mg Dr.Max

Klaudia ─ćwi─ůka┼éa Pharmacist, Editor

2 months ago

What form of vitamin C do you have in mind?

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