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Wiola B (Anonymous, 5.173.43.) Warszawa 4 months ago

How long can the pain in the hand last after a venflon?

Hello by 5
The days I had dexaven administered intravenously in the ward. I left the ward on 6.10 and my hand hurts where I had venflons, two punctures, how much longer will it last? When I touch my hand, the place hurts me around it / please reply greetings

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Anna Lewandowska Pharmacist, Editor

4 months ago

Pain after an intravenous injection, especially when it is quite common, can persist for several days.

If the pain persists 2 weeks after discharge, I recommend that you consult your doctor to rule out possible complications.

If you do not have the opportunity to take advantage of the advice, I am attaching a link to the online teleconsultation, e.g. via the Gdziepolek.pl portal:


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