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Oleńka 9 (Anonymous, 109.197.189.) Warszawa 11 months ago

Is it worth it and is it possible to take the multivitamin Vigor Ona 50+ and the drug Soyfem Forte, Chamomile, Linseed and vitamin D3?

Is it worth it and whether you can take a multivitamin Vigor ona 50+ and the drug soyafem forte to improve well-being after menopause (sometimes hot flashes, headaches and dizziness, jumping pulse, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping, splitting nails and sometimes chest pain). Is it possible to drink for this seed and chamomile for sleeping. I had a tomography (headaches), the result ok, morphology ok, chest x-ray also ok. The neurog stated that headaches can result from tension headaches. The postmenopausal period came out of hormone studies. Is it still possible to supplement vit d3

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Aleksandra Berdys Pharmacist

11 months ago

Yes, you can use Vigor Ona 50+, Soyfem Forte, linseed, chamomile and vitamin D3 at the same time. In the case of linseed, please remember to keep about 2 hours between the application of medicines. Vigor Ona 50+ may be beneficial in the case of a poor diet and deficiencies of micro-, macronutrients and vitamins. Through the portal, you can compare the prices of a drug or other preparation available without a prescription in online pharmacies and order the drug with home delivery or collection at the pharmacy. https://www.gdziepolek.pl/produkty/117849/vigor-multiwitamina-ona-50-tabletki/apteki Vitamin D3 does not contain the Vigor ONA 50+ supplement, so supplementation is recommended - in the menopausal period. If you have not done tests for the determination of vitamin D3, I encourage you to do them, and until then it is enough to use vitamin D3 2000 IU: https://www.gdziepolek.pl/produkty/105588/ibuvit-d3-2000-iu-kapsulki/apteki Other preparations that you mentioned can be purchased here: https://www.gdziepolek.pl/produkty/85842/zielnik-apteczny-rumianek-fix-koszyczki/apteki https://www.gdziepolek.pl/produkty/70939/siemie-lniane-budwigowe-zlociste-nasienie/apteki https://www.gdziepolek.pl/produkty/73841/soyfem-forte-tabletki-powlekane/apteki Articles you may find useful: https://www.gdziepolek.pl/artykuly/klasterowy-bol-glowy-jak-sie-nie-poddac https://www.gdziepolek.pl/artykuly/menopauza-jak-zmniejszyc-dolegliwosci

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