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Pablo (Anonymous, 77.252.47.) Warszawa 3 months ago

When will Staloral Basic Birch be available?

What's the deal with the availability of staloral 300 for birch of the basal dose? Every year, the story repeats itself with accessibility. This year's deadline has already been postponed several times. Is there only 1 company that makes this vaccine? This is a travesty. It's almost December and soon it will be too late for desensitization. You will need to start taking it subcutaneously, where the rules of administration are completely different and very problematic. The company producing it is some crap. I don't think anyone there thinks about people who are in therapy! What is the problem in production, after all, trees behave the same way every year. I'm really f***ed up by this situation, some kind of pathology!

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Ewa Pilch Pharmacist, Editor

3 months ago

The expected availability of primary vaccines for Birch is early December 2023. All information about the availability of the preparation can be found in the link:


I encourage you to sign up to receive notifications in the link above. To do this, please click on the "Notify me of new information" button on the left. You will receive notifications when we add news about the availability of vaccines.

The Staloral 300 vaccine is distributed by the sales department of the Farmacol wholesaler. The Gdziepolek.pl portal has no influence on the availability of the preparation. The manufacturer of the vaccine is Stallergenes S.A.S. Other manufacturers produce other vaccines (including oral vaccines). If you have difficulties with starting the treatment, I encourage you to consult an allergist who will help you choose the right preparation for you. Due to the fact that the desensitization process is a long-term process, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of difficulties during it. If it is not possible to visit the site, I encourage you to take advantage of the teleconsultation, e.g. via the Gdziepolek.pl portal:


I encourage you to contact the pharmacies of your choice. Staloral vaccines are often ordered individually for the patient on the basis of the prescription presented by the patient. You can place an order at the pharmacy and wait for a call.

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