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Anna (Anonymous, 85.221.133.) Warszawa 3 months ago

Can I use Mantusil and Entitis syrup at the same time?

Can I also give my child mantusil syrup in the evening?

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Aleksandra ┼╗ywiec-Pelczar Pharmacist

2 months ago

There are no contraindications to the simultaneous use of the dietary supplement Mantusil and Entitis. Please remember that the Entitis dietary supplement should be administered before bedtime, after brushing your teeth.

Below you will find links that allow you to buy the preparations mentioned in the question on-line or book them with pick-up at a selected pharmacy:

- https://www.gdziepolek.pl/produkty/118323/mantusil-plyn-plyn/apteki,

- https://www.gdziepolek.pl/produkty/27304/entitis-smak-truskawkowy-pastylki-lamelki-zelki/apteki.

We suggest how to support a child's immunity in the text:


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