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Ingusia (Anonymous, 89.64.89.) Warszawa 18 months ago

At what interval from Eutyrox should selenium be taken?

At what interval from Eutyrox should selenium be taken? The endocrinologist recommended that I use selenium together with Euthyrox for hashimoto's disease. However, he did not tell me how to keep the interval between the drug and selenium, and how to take selenium. And does the use of selenium together with vitamin E increase its absorption? Please advise.

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Karolina Żułtaszek Pharmacist

18 months ago

According to the available information, Euthyrox should be taken about half an hour before breakfast with a small amount of water, while selenium can be taken immediately before breakfast. Taking selenium accompanied by vitamin E will improve its absorption. Selenium is a mineral that performs many functions in the body. First of all, it protects the body against the degrading effects of oxygen free radicals and supports the proper formation and metabolism of thyroid hormones. In addition, selenium supports the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems and prevents the development of inflammatory diseases. More information about thyroid diseases can be read in the article linked below: https://www.gdziepolek.pl/kategorie/leki-na-tarczyce

Caro1983 (Anonymous, 37.248.167.) 3 months ago

Apparently, no one here can read comprehension haha, not even pharmacists! The question was not about changing medicines! Massacre. Do not take these medications together, selenium may cause a decrease in the absorption of euthyrox! Eutyrox in the morning and selenium before dinner :)

Klaudia ─ćwi─ůka┼éa Pharmacist, Editor

6 months ago

To @Mala: Do not replace the drug with selenium.

Mala (Anonymous, 176.107.168.) 7 months ago

Can selenium alone be taken?when the drug is missing, somewhere around moesiaca, the results as of today are good.po100 euyyrox.

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